Jesus on dope

Jesus on dope

A journey with…

It is a compilation of the two EPs and some live tracks that were remastered and released on LSDR Records in 2016.


The first landscape, titled Dick Diggler, builds chaos within a bleak dimension and it’s framed by a cloud of psychedelic abstraction.

The second landscape, Twisted Stranger, is a space western adorned by the subtlest melancholy of the harmonica that is then blasted by acoustic guitars that interleave delirious rhythms, until it’s consumed by distorted guitars and a hypnotizing bass.

The third and last landscape, Diabolik, exhibits all the strengths: awesome bass riffs, hectic guitar solos, and classic psychedelia —an auditory saturation that stimulates all the senses.


In 2013 we launched Centaurus liveSession, 14 minutes of sound live Jesus on dope, with 3 sections: Centaurus RadioJets Risin‘, Escape from the void and Ghost Host live version.


Our first material, a demo recorded in the winter of 2010, for the cover art is creating by LeSuperDemon. Reach many ears our first songs: Sexplotion, Subtle Delirium, Jesus on dope, Escape from the void and Ghost Host (Demo Version).

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